Running changed my life in many ways, but most importantly, it gave me a path forward at a time I desperately needed one. I grew up poor in southern Rhode Island; my mother, sisters, and I the victims of domestic abuse. When I was younger, I felt trapped, afraid. I got lucky, and things turned around. Care to guess why? I remember the start of my journey vividly. Rifling through the bargain section of a Kohl’s shoe department, I opened up a box that contained that emblematic swoosh in bright neon yellow. I took home a $40 pair of running sneakers that day. At the time, that was all my family could afford.

Flash forward, and I was recruited to Brown. At the University, I became a four-time Ivy League Champion, NCAA All-American, and team captain. The University educated, fed, housed, and even clothed me (virtually for free) throughout my four years. In 2018, I graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics-Economics, taking a job in consulting. Today I can proudly say that my family and I are survivors. My success wouldn’t have been possible without Brown Track and Field.