Track throughout my life has given me the most diverse friendships and has brought me close to people I would otherwise not have met. It is an amazing sport in giving everyone equal opportunity by just needing shoes to train and unites everyone under the common goal of working to create your best self. A sport based on fitness, track is mentally one of the toughest sports which brings people together from every background. In my time at Brown University, in the four years from 2016-2020, the coaching staff and the team has worked hard to unite the Women’s and Men’s middle distance and distance squads. As a middle distance runner myself, I consider the men’s team as much my teammates as the women’s team. We do the same workouts together at the same time, and we function as one unit. On my last day of track and field at Brown, when my season was cut short due to Corona Virus, the men’s and women’s middle distance squad all brought a soccer ball to India point park and had fun for our last practice. I will forever remember that day as my last day of track and field, and it was a wonderful and sentimental day that would not have been possible without the men’s team. We function as one team and cutting an entire half of a team is a huge detriment to the women’s team. I have been having nightmares about showing up to compete at Heps with half my squad and being the laughing stock of the Ivy League track and field world. Please don’t let this happen.