I came to Brown because of the community I was promised. I came to Brown because the Track and Field team promised me a family. This decision broke those promises; it tore my family in half and broke my trust in the community I felt safe in. Brown claims that diversity is at the forefront of their mind and their goals, but this decision clearly shows that this is not the case. Our team brings together men and women from all different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds and creates a unified family. If the men that are on this team were to be taken out of my college experience, my life would have been changed for the worst. They are my brothers, my support system and to see them disrespectfully torn from their family is cruel. This "excellence initiative" is the just a bad attempt at fronting their real intentions and their lack of care in diversity, athletic success and societal progress on our beloved campus. I committed to a school that did not commit to, or have faith in, us.