By suffocating one of the most socioeconomically and racially diverse team on campus with this initiative, Brown threatens to unravel a vital and vibrant swath of the beautiful tapestry of different cultures and perspectives within the student body. Announcing this heart wrenching decision during these already historically turbulent times, when so much of the future is already shrouded in anxious uncertainty, also exposes how little the university cares about the well being of its students. Additionally, the timing of this announcement cruelly forces us to grapple with this life altering edict in isolation, unable to come together and console each other in person. Since this initiative is being touted as the product of a thorough, data-driven analysis, the least the administration could do is shed some light on how this resolution was reached, but those responsible refuse to respond to even the most cordial of emails requesting additional transparency, thus depriving us of any semblance of peace or closure. This behavior on the part of the administration is utterly repugnant.