If it were not for Brown XC/T&F I would not have achieved so much of where I am in life and become the person I am today. I gained admission to Brown because of my combined athletic and academic abilities and so did many others I shared a locker room with. I wouldn't necessarily be at Brown without this route and I believe I share that sentiment with many of those on the team. This provides unique opportunities for a diverse array of people with backgrounds from all over to come together as a team. We also represent the community in exemplary form. Not only do we get all of our academic work done on time and at a higher than average result compared to the student body but we are a lifelong community that continues to support future and current athletes.

I am so disappointed in the University's decision to remove Brown Men XC/T&F from the athletic department. In my time there I not only scored regularly at Heps for the school bu also qualified for NCAA's 3 separate years. We also produced incredible athletes that improved almost every record in a short time period. However, the university never really took our accomplishments into account or promoted them. We are not an afterthought, we have amazing athletes competing at the highest level with almost no monetary support to do so. I love this team, I love this school. Right now I feel not whole. I feel as if one of my homes was taken away from me. I loved my time in Providence but a lot of that has contingent on my time as a member of this team and the broader athletic community. I urge the Corporation to reconsider. Its a true shame to remove one of the oldest sports at the school for short sighted decisions as well as removing one of the big sports born out of the northeast.