Running is a part of my everyday routine. It heavily influences when I go to sleep, what type of food I eat, and who my best friends are. The three specifications that I had coming to college were 1) I want to run D1, 2) has to be a strong academic school, and 3) I need to love the people on the team. All of those were met at Brown University, nowhere else. I constantly admire the culture that we have at Brown Track and Field and Cross Country- it is unheard of in the running community. The OMAC is consistently loud, filled with cheers of boys and girls alike that are encouraging their teammates to run jump and throw to their highest potential. One of my favorite memories that displays the culture we have on the team is the Halloween 2019 Haunted House. Brown Track decided to dedicate hours on end to building a haunted house with detailed decorations and costumes, and we had lines of 50+ people waiting to walk through our masterpiece. The fact is, our team chooses to be together and work hard even when the sport is not involved. The running race is the first olympic sport. It has no financial boundaries, and requires only pure grit and perseverance. Brown University is foolish to think that it benefits in any way from getting rid of these people. It is appalling that the University claims one of their top goals is diversity when they are quick to diminish one of the most diverse teams on campus, along with the most socio-economically inclusive sports. Consider our culture. Consider that Track and Field and Cross Country is the most human sport. No equipment other than a pair of shoes is needed. This sport develops the type of person that epitomizes the goals of your University.