My most cherished memory of being a Brown student was as a track and field athlete. I was on the starting line for my race at the US Olympic Trials wearing my Brown uniform next to a group of professional Nike-sponsored athletes being broadcast on NBC. I had the chance to witness my teammate Craig Kinsley qualify for the US Olympic team in the javelin. He was doing his victory lap, wrapped in an American flag, completely overcome with emotion. I’ve never witnessed that kind of joy that comes from spending years of developing a craft and watching a good friend’s dream truly become reality. I was so proud to be representing Brown track and field and I knew that all my teammates back home were sharing in that very special moment.

College athletics is a top priority for many high school applicants. An important part of why I chose Brown was my comfort with the cross country and track team specifically. As a gay athlete, it is sometimes difficult to navigate the world of athletics. When I visited Brown, I felt that this was a place where I could run track and be gay. This was important coming from a relatively conservative Catholic high school. In my experience, Brown’s track program has always been especially inclusive to LGBTQ athletes, far more so than other teams.