I am currently a rising junior and captain of the Brown men’s track team. I chose to go to Brown University to learn at a high level and compete as a division one athlete. Once I got to school I quickly learned that that the Brown XCT&F community was one of the most supporting and caring groups I have ever been a part of in my entire life. Over the past two years this group of amazing people have become a family to me and I have made memories that I will carry with my for the rest of my life.

This initiative for athletic excellence at Brown is going to split this family apart. Not only has the University taken the identities and abandoned the athletes on the men’s track and field team but it has also handicapped the women’s team in the process. Brown’s decision is deeply flawed and those who carried out the initiative should be ashamed of they way it was handled.

Right now the University has told us to either accept our positions as a club sport or transfer to another school. For Brown to make its student choose between their home and their passion is simply cruel and cold hearted.

I am hoping the the countless number of people supporting this cause will have some impact on the decision of the University. By ending the men’s track and field program, the University has ended the continuity of this amazing family.