This team has been more than I ever could’ve imagined. We are one big family and the love that you feel when you walk into practice everyday can turn any bad day into the best one. This team has not just helped shape me into the runner I am today, but into the person I am today. The love for each other goes way beyond the color of your skin, sexual orientation, or even disabilities and we need MORE of this in today’s world, not less. This team is the purest form of excellence I have ever seen. We are excellent in every aspect of what this university claims to stand for. We all come from various different backgrounds, but share one goal and have consistently achieved that goal might I just add. Without the men we are not a team. We will always be a family and that love is something this university cannot take away, but when I strive for excellence on the track, I do so knowing that the entirety of my team is behind me. It has been that way for over 150 years and Brown throwing this legacy—one that promotes diversity, inclusion, accountability, and success away without a second guess is truly disheartening. Those that made this decision should be truly ashamed of themselves in calling this initiative “excellent”.