Excellence + Analytics

"The revised roster of teams was determined through a thorough, data-driven review" -The Excellence in Brown Athletics Initiative press release

Check out the data to see how Track & Field excels in athletics, diversity, and cost/accessibility.

Notes on the data

A note on the #FALSESTART to Excellence graphs: The awards are awarded separately for each season (Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track), though they are summed in the graphs. We will display exact numbers for each season soon, in addition to these aggregated totals. In reality, when Brown cuts the combined programs, they cut the displayed award potential, since the three teams operate as one.

* A note on roster spots: Brown University's 2019 Equity in Athletics report displays that Cross Country takes up 17 spots, Indoor takes up 47 spots, and Outdoor takes up 44 spots. When calculating costs, the University sums up the total roster spots to 108 and reports the three teams as one combined "Track and Field/Cross Country". In reality, there are not 108 unique athletes on the combined teams - the Cross Country runners also compete in the distance events during Indoor/Outdoor, and the other event groups compete during both the Indoor and Outdoor seasons. When we use a number of unique athletes for calculations, such as when estimating the number of black athletes at per team or when calculating spending per unique athlete, we assume that among all three seasons, the Men's teams had a conservative estimate of 47 unique athletes (the most in any one season; Indoor). There are likely more than 47 unique athletes, however, since athletes often miss one or more seasons due to injury, and there are events that only compete during Outdoor (javelin).

This data collection, analysis, and visualization effort has been highly collaborative, and involved contributions from Paul Rosiak ('07), Lena Groeger ('08), Chris Collins ('11), Brian Schilder ('11), AJ Fitzgerald ('11), Benjamin Halpin ('15), Karla Ganley ('16), Clare Peabody ('18), Calvin Munson ('19), and many others.


The data presented in the figures above is all publically accessible:

Questions about the data? Please contact Calvin Munson at calvinmunson86@gmail.com