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UPDATE: On June 9th, Brown University announced that Men's Track & Field/Cross Country would be fully reinstated as a varisty team. Read the reinstatement announcement here.

On Thursday, May 28, Brown University cut its Men’s Track and Field / Cross Country teams— one of the most racially and socioeconomically diverse teams on its Ivy League campus— as part of their “excellence in athletics” initiative. By removing one of the few pipelines for disadvantaged students to receive an Ivy League education, this action flies in the face of the values of inclusion and diversity the university proclaims to uphold, contributing instead to systems across the NCAA and elite academic institutions that take advantage of student athletes— in particular, student-athletes of color and those from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds. This is not excellence. This is a #falsestart.

Read the official announcement here.

People are starting to talk: check out this story in Medium. Further coverage can be found in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, ESPN, Let’s Run, and the Providence Journal.

Our Asks of the University

We, the alums of Brown Track and Field, call on President Christina Paxson and Athletic Director Jack Hayes to:

  1. Reinstate Brown Men’s Track & Field, and Cross Country;
  2. Commit to fair and transparent processes for future major decisions;
  3. Make a renewed and lasting commitment to the equality and justice for all people they claim to support

For our supporters and allies who would like to assist us in the fight for improved institutional support and true diversity in higher education and collegiate sports, please join us.

Athletes Spotlight

Brown University has not provided a place for athletes, alumni, or community members to share their thoughts. Hear directly from a few of our highest profile athletes in their own words.

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Brown University has not given us a place to speak. Here you can find submissions some of our currrent athletes, alumni, family, and outside supporters. Be sure to check back frequently for new testimonials.

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Excellence + Analytics

Read all our data as to why our track team exhibits excellence in terms of diversity, athletics, and academics.


For now, our key focus lies in advocacy and mobilization towards more just and equitable outcomes for athletes, alumni, and future students. If you would be interested in witholding your donation to Brown until this issue is resolved, please drop us an email in the form below.

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